Personalised Service

We care for our tenants’ care. EvergreenNest provides extraordinary service to our inmates. Efficient and mannerly staff are at your service at any time and in any situation.

Spacious Accommodation and Serene Environment

Rooms in our hostel are highly ventilated to get the airy atmosphere. Spacious rooms, corridor, and common areas are all built with an intention to provide a better environment to stay to our inmates. For entertainment, inmates have LED TV at each room and also a TV in common area.

Hygienic Food

We never compromise with the quality and taste of the food that we provide at our hostel. Food is prepared in a hygienic way, and we NEVER use Ajinomoto, black salt, baking soda, or anything that affects our tenants’ health. No second-grade products or vegetables for cooking used at our premise.


We value our tenants’ expectations. While keeping in mind that most of our inmates are students and working women who must be highly in need of Internet, we offer 24/7 Wi-fi connection to our inmates.

Parking Area

As for the convenience of those who have two-wheelers, we have a perfect two-wheeler parking with much space.

Drinking Water

EvergreenNest is fully facilitated with RO system by which we could supply purified drinking water to our inmates at all times.

In-House Warden

Our wardens are at your service always to make sure our inmates safety and to gratify their needs. For that very purpose, they are available in the hostel for 24/7.

Other Facilities at EvergreenNest

  • Separate locker will be provided for each individual to keep the valuables safely.
  • 24/7 Security service is available
  • Common areas and entrance of our premise are under CCTV surveillance for safety reasons.
  • Certain common areas have UPS power backup.
  • Inmates can have access to be visited by doctors on call in any emergency.
  • On request, we offer cab facility to Tidel Park, PSG CAS, GRD College, Krishnammal, PSG Tech, and so on. Even major bus stops are in a walkable distance from our hostel.