Extolling words from our inmates have undoubtedly gained goodwill to our hostel. A few for your reference…

R Pious

Good place in Hopes area.


Good place at an affordable price and they painted all the rooms now and made it even better. I was worried that they might increase the rent after painting but to our surprise, they said they are not going to increase the rent. Very nice!!!!


I was here for more then a year and I changed job and commuting from Evergreen Nest would take a lot of time and hence moved out of the hostel. Now, within four months I have shifted two hostels and did not like the current place also. Evergreen Nest is good, the staffs are good and the food is good and hygienic. The staffs and management listens to our problems as other hostels are money minded and do not listen. I miss Evergreen Nest.

Priya K

Good place and recommend it


am from Kerala and staying here for studies. I fell sick for few days and the warden, cook and all the staffs took good care of me. I got soups and heated water when I needed it. Warden took me to the hospital and she even paid my Auto charge.


Nice place, they painted the place recently and it looks very good. Food is good and hygienic. Safe place with 24hrs guards and warden.


My company has a tie up with Evergreen Nest and they accommodate all the six employees here. Its little far from our work place and there are nearby ladies hostel but still our company made sure they accommodate us here and arrange for staff bus to pick us up. Its been just one month now, and I understand why the specifically choose Evergreen Nest. This place is a hidden gem, its clean and very spacious and the food is very homely. I like it here and highly recommend it. Thank you!!!!!!

K Devi

Great place, very spacious and the recent painting made it better.


I have completed my studies and leaving the EvergreenNest Ladies hostel today. I have lots of sentiments and memory from this place. Understanding my situation, they gave concession on the rent and food. I am greatly indebted to EvergreenNest. I came to know about Justdial reviews only today and hence writing this review. Great place!!

Kavitha J

Very peaceful locality and great place

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