Extolling words from our inmates have undoubtedly gained goodwill to our hostel. A few for your reference…

Rathi M

Very near the bus stop and peaceful place. Rooms are the corridors are big. Big dinning area. Excellent place.


My sister is staying here and I came here to stay for a week and love this place. Very close to bus stop and still they have privacy. Big and spacious room.


Honestly a great place, spacious, uncramped rooms and corridor. Very spacious and open roof top and with a nice staffs.


Great place for staying, studying with very big rooms and big walking space. Dinning area is very neat and the price is less too. I like it!!!!!

Fathima B

Was staying in Evergreen Nest for few years before moving out to UAE. Came back to get the degree certificate and stayed here for few days. I miss the place and the people. Very good place.


Very reasonable rate for a big and clean room.


Nice place. They should advertise like others. I recommend


My wife is staying here and she likes the place. They do not allow any men inside even fathers, like it that way

Kriba M

I like this place! Staffs are friendly and nice. You can count on them when you are sick. Great place

Biju Thomas

My sister stays here and she like it. Very reliable hostel. My sis left for Coimbatore from our Kerala and her phone was not reachable (battery down). Called up the Evergreen hostel warden and said she would reach late and her phone was switched off and asked her to call us in the morning when the warden sees her.

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